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Checking the performance of your heat exchanger involves the use of measurement equipment at your site and comparing the performance to the original design specifications. Request an audit of your heat exchanger, ask a service expert a question, or request more training via:

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When to clean your plate heat exchangers?

Fouling of heat exchangers in processing industries is a chronic operating
problem. A one-hour assessment of your heat exchanger provides the data you need to plan cleaning and maintenance.

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Maximize uptime and service life with Alfa Laval Condition Audit GPHE_PS00086EN.pdf

How AlfaCheck works

The AlfaCheck service is a Performance Audit that measures your heat exchanger with a portable logger. Four temperature gauges and a flow gauge that assess the internal condition of your equipment. Without the need to open or disassemble your units.

Gauges on the outside of your heat exchanger pipes, collect data, including temperature differentials and flow rate, on the actual operating condition of your plate
heat exchanger.

AlfaCheck internal fouling monitoring for Plate Heat Exchangers

This usually requires one hour per unit and does not disrupt operations. If you already have this data on hand, simply call us and we can run your data through our programand produce a report for your use.

Back at the office, our engineer runs the data through our proven thermal analysis software program that uses the performance benchmarks for every Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger to derive your heat exchanger’s optimal heat load.

Reporting and Recommendation

We recommend a solution based on our years of experience, but you decide the service options – with no obligation to purchase more.

Our Inside Information package includes:
• A specified number of measurements
• A report on your plate heat exchanger performance
• Free use of data from the report

Our Inside Protection package includes:
• A specified number of measurements
• A choice among the following:
Chemical Cleaning Services (CIP)
Reconditioning of plates
– Replacement Plates, Gaskets, parts

Alfa Laval also offers Heat Exchanger Performance Agreements customized to your needs.

Knowing when to maintain your heat exchanger

Heat exchanger fouling cleaning schedule errors

AlfaCheck is a condition audit that determines if service is needed based on the actual internal condition of your plate heat exchangers.

The audit logger provides actual flow and temperature measurements to let you assess performance and plan your maintenance budget smartly.

If fouling lowers the efficiency of your plate heat exchangers there is an increase in energy losses. An audit allows for cleaning before fouling affects performance, causes an unplanned shutdown, or decreases productivity and profitability.

Monitoring audit to reduce maintenance expenses and downtime. By cleaning only when required, you can reduce cleaning fluid costs, shrink your environmental footprint and increase profitability.


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Fouling and Energy Cost

Huge energy savings Consider the potential energy loss for a large plate heat exchanger* that operates under fouling conditions where: Average daily flow = 1000 m3/h Average heat transfer = 25,000 kW Assumed level of fouling = 15% loss of energy transfer It may take up to two months to remedy the problem. Based on the price of 5 euro cents per kWh and 60 days of operating with energy losses: 15% × 25,000 kW = 3750 kW × 24h = 90,000 kWh /day 0.05 euro/kWh × 90,000 kWh × 60 days = 270,000 € The potential savings amounts to approximately €270,000 for a single heat exchanger. No small sum when these savings are applied to multiple heat exchangers. * Based on an Alfa Laval M30 plate heat exchanger with a 300-mm inlet diameter.