Field Services for Heat Exchangers

Maintaining, repairing, cleaning and auditing a heat exchanger at your own facilities avoids down time and transportation costs related to getting a unit to the Alfa Laval service facility in Ontario, or in Alberta. Send questions and field service quote requests for your heat exchangers.

Field service - Our service team works with customers to meet their needs. Service technicians can be sent out to your facility to provide field examination or troubleshooting. This is then followed up by a full report to the customer. This report includes heat exchanger status and condition followed by suggestions or repair requirements/recommendations.

Service training - A field technician is on site to train the maintenance staff on Kathabar equipment fundamentals, recommended maintenance and tips.

Contract maintenance - This heat exchanger field service is ideal to keep the equipment status in check. This involves a field technician to be on site to review the equipment status and to provide a report indicating equipment health and suggestions for improvements so that any serious issues can be avoided. This would generally occur once or twice a year.

Engineering analysis - If space loads and design information are unknown; an on-site engineering analysis is provided which includes space load monitoring followed by a report on equipment suggestions and changes for space humidity control.

Kathene liquid testing - With the purchase of Kathene liquid comes free lifetime liquid testing as a form of preventative maintenance to assure your Kathene is within design limits at all times.

Prevent unplanned downtime with planned equipment maintenance

Are you prepared for when your plate heat exchanger breaks down unexpectedly? How long can you afford for that equipment to be out of service? Following a service maintenance plan can ensure your equipment is in optimal working condition to help avoid costly unplanned downtime.

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