Re-configure my Plate Heat Exchanger

Re-configuring a gasketed plate heat exchanger to perform a new duty or use a new medium involves the following steps: Inspecting the unit for leaks, calculating and changing the plate positions, plate material and gaskets. Send us your heat exchanger's serial number and a request for documentation to:

To optimize performance to meet current process requirements with minimum energy consumption, Alfa Laval offers three plate heat exchanger upgrade services through our highly qualified service engineers.

Material upgrade

Ensures plate and gasket materials meet current process media and temperature requirements thereby prolonging the service interval between plate and gasket replacement. This helps reduce downtime and extend plate service lifetime.

Alfa Laval plate heat exchangersPlate heat exchanger redesign

Ensures the plate heat exchanger configuration meets current process requirements. Includes material upgrades and plate pack extensions and provides access to technological advances to ensure that you take advantage of the latest technologies and developments.

Optimize for every stage of life

Find out how to boost your bottom line by adapting your plate heat exchangers to process changes that involve a:

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