Optimize for increased capacity

Optimize for increased capacityAs your business grows, you may need to increase production capacity. To maintain production quality, you need to add plates to handle increased flow, prevent heat loss and optimize heat transfer efficiency. Otherwise, you risk changes in pressure drop and fluid velocity that can compromise product integrity.

A cane sugar processing plant, for instance, planned to raise production capacity by 20%. To handle the increased throughput, it was  necessary to increase the surface area for heat exchange by extending the plate pack at a one-time cost of EUR 11,000.

This ensured that the heat exchanger  obtained the target outlet temperatures without energy loss that can affect the bottom line. The result? Additional heat recovery of 794 kW, which amounts to EUR 238,200 in annual savings.

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Calculated payback time

 Plate pack extension cost        EUR 11,000 
 Annual savings   EUR 238,200 
 Payback time*  Less than a month     
*  Based on 6000 operating hours per year, a recovery increase of 794 kW and energy costs of EUR 0.05 per kWh.