Replace my heat exchanger

Order a replacement heat exchanger based on the existing duty (your flow rates, media and temperatures). Contact us with your existing unit's information to get a replacement plate heat exchanger as well as options for your existing heat exchanger.

Alternatives to heat exchanger replacement

Before deciding to replace your plate heat exchanger, find out if you have other options available. Plate heat exchangers are so versatile and durable you can often modify one for changes in duty. Ask a Canadian Alfa Laval service expert about this via live-chat, email, or phone right now. They can advise you about “Any Make or Model” of plate heat exchangers. For most heat exchanger models we also will have replacement plates and gaskets in stock - we call this our AllBrands Service.

When to re-use a Plate Heat Exchanger:

  • If a slight change in performance is needed for a new duty. It can be achieved by adding or removing a number of plates from the unit. Request form for documentation for Alfa Laval plate heat exchangers by serial number. 
  • If you need the same performance but the old plate heat exchanger needs replacing, you can order a complete set of plates (packs) to make a new heat exchanger out of an old frame that is in fair condition.
  • If the plates are not damaged physically, but not performing like new, they can be reconditioned and re-employed. This is an Alfa Laval service that includes a “As Good As New” warranty of a year when the whole unit is refurbished and pressure tested in our facilities.


When to replace a Plate Heat Exchanger:

  • If the plates and gaskets are no longer manufactured, or available in the marketplace.
  • If the reliability of the exchanger decreases or becomes more critical to your process.
  • If AHRI certification is needed in the application (usually applies to the HVAC Markets).
  • If the plate heat exchanger ports and frames are damaged beyond repair by, contact, corrosion, erosion etc. (as in the picture).Plate Heat Exchanger damage fouling replacement Canada.jpg
  • If the old plate heat exchanger no longer meets the ASME / CRN codes.
  • If the old heat exchanger does not meet the requirements under recently optimized process design conditions.
  • If a more efficient heat exchanger will take less space or meet the same duty with lesser number of plates.



Alfa Laval services “Any Make or Model” of plate heat exchangers and in most cases have plates and gaskets available and we call it AllBrands Service.

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