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Equipment needs to be checked on a regular basis. Alfa Laval specialists can perform a Performance Audit to review the actual operating performance of the equipment. Alfa Laval experts take the necessary measurements, analyze the data using specially designed tools and provide a comprehensive report, including situation analysis and recommendations.

Fouling and Energy Cost

Huge energy savings Consider the potential energy loss for a large plate heat exchanger* that operates under fouling conditions where: Average daily flow = 1000 m3/h Average heat transfer = 25,000 kW Assumed level of fouling = 15% loss of energy transfer It may take up to two months to remedy the problem. Based on the price of 5 euro cents per kWh and 60 days of operating with energy losses: 15% × 25,000 kW = 3750 kW × 24h = 90,000 kWh /day 0.05 euro/kWh × 90,000 kWh × 60 days = 270,000 € The potential savings amounts to approximately €270,000 for a single heat exchanger. No small sum when these savings are applied to multiple heat exchangers. * Based on an Alfa Laval M30 plate heat exchanger with a 300-mm inlet diameter.

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