Putting service and marine customers ahead

Service is much more than a nice-to-have. It has an integral role in securing vessel performance – throughout the vessel’s lifetime and wherever it sails.

DATE 2023-11-27


Reliability is a must at sea, which makes service a priority. In an industry where time is money, few vessels can afford a standstill in their operations. Yet there is more to service than avoiding the big costs. It involves keeping equipment optimized and ensuring low running costs over time.

Alfa Laval’s service offering is driven by all of these needs. It builds on a comprehensive service network, with resources available 24/7 and in ports worldwide. But it also builds on a wealth of knowledge, covering every major application on board.

Today those resources and expertise are more accessible than ever, both physically and digitally. A good example is PureBallast 3 Computer-Based Training (CBT), which complements face-to-face training and supports ongoing crew development. Another is PureSOx Connect (see page 2), which simplifies compliance and supports optimization through real-time analytics.

Online, on board and globally, the offering will continue to develop. Alfa Laval is committed to helping customers succeed – not only through cutting-edge equipment and systems, but by keeping service at the forefront.