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Production efficiency, raw material utilization, and sustainability are key factors for profitability in the fish processing industry. We understand the challenges you face and can support you with expert advice and the right processing equipment. We provide everything from individual pieces of equipment and pre-designed modules to complete processing systems – always optimized to your needs. Contact us for an initial discussion on how we can assist you in achieving your business goals.

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Improved product quality and raw material utilization 

Fish is a highly nutritional raw material, and how it is processed affects quality and market value to a high degree. Our solutions let you maximize fish by-product utilization and product value.  

  • Enhance product quality with our closed processing systems. Minimal oxidation and moisture result in extended shelf-life.  
  • Increase the purity of your fish oil while preserving antioxidants and vitamins and minimizing oxidation and levels of free fatty acids (FFA). 
  • Increase fish oil yield with our proprietary high-efficiency decanter and separator solutions. 
  • Process your raw material in fully hygienic, food-grade solutions for protein and oil extraction. 
  • Produce low-fat, highly nutritional, food-grade fish flavours and proteins for the growing food and pet-food market. 
  • Maximize fish by-products and waste utilization by extracting high-value protein isolates and peptides through hydrolysation of fish processing by-products. 
  • Improve both quality and yield in surimi production, and start using alternative species, such as sardines, as raw material.
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Higher efficiency and yield 

The choice of processing solution has a substantial impact on the quality of your products, as well as yield and production efficiency. By upgrading your existing production line with Alfa Laval technology or investing in a new Alfa Laval processing system, you get a high-capacity solution that offers low OPEX, exceptional yield, and a rapid return on your investment. In addition, our highly flexible solutions allow you to adjust capacity to accommodate seasonal changes.  

We help you: 

  • Maximize yield in your fish oil and protein production line. 
  • Minimize energy consumption in the evaporation system in fish meal production. 
  • Reduce the impact of persistent organic pollutants (POP) by improving your lipids extraction. 
  • Reduce wastewater volumes and environmental load. 

Contact our fish-processing experts to discuss how we can support your specific requirements. 

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Fish processing equipment for the toughest conditions

Fast spoilage of raw materials, limited fishing seasons, strict quotas, and operation in remote locations – often under harsh conditions – make equipment uptime and operational reliability crucial. At Alfa Laval, we understand these challenges and offer proven solutions with high reliability and performance, which are ideal for land-based and shipboard processing plants. 

With extensive experience manufacturing equipment for marine applications, we provide robust and compact processing systems ideal for onboard installations. 

Moreover, our highly automated systems are designed for easy operation, simplifying the training of new staff and ensuring rapid proficiency.  

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With Alfa Laval as your trusted service partner, you can rely on prompt and qualified assistance whenever and wherever you need it, even in the most remote locations. Our global network of service offices provides professional support throughout all phases of your operations, including troubleshooting, regular maintenance, advanced performance audits, and predictive maintenance. 

Utilizing our remote services, we provide instant assistance via digital channels. Our field technicians can be swiftly dispatched to any site or harbour worldwide if you need on-site support. 

Our strong local network makes us the ideal service provider for companies with global operations, fostering closer cooperation and reducing administrative burdens. Put your trust in Alfa Laval for comprehensive service solutions, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations regardless of location. 


Long-term, strategic partnerships

The combination of deep application expertise, long experience, and a comprehensive product portfolio makes Alfa Laval an ideal strategic partner if you wish to develop your operations. 

We can support you throughout the lifetime of your processing lines, from the idea and design stages via testing and commissioning to regular performance audits, upgrades, and optimization projects. 

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Designed to meet the most stringent industry standards

Fish and seafood raw materials spoil quickly, so impeccable hygiene is essential for all types of fish processing equipment. Whether your products are used in feed-grade or demanding food applications, you can rely on Alfa Laval equipment to meet all relevant regulations. 

Alfa Laval’s fish and seafood processing equipment is designed for fast and effective cleaning, ensuring high levels of hygiene. It also leads to high flexibility thanks to short turnaround times when changing raw materials and less material carryover from the previous batch.   

All our system solutions are available with flush-through cleaning for feed-grade processing. They can be upgraded with semi-automatic CIP solutions and unique hygienic designs for food-grade applications, completely tailored to our customer's needs. 

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Ensure performance through testing

Testing plays a vital role in developing new processes and optimizing existing ones. At Alfa Laval, we provide a comprehensive range of test equipment, enabling you to explore new ideas and validate performance directly at your own site. 

You are also most welcome to conduct tests at our test and application centres. Equipped with a complete setup encompassing a wide range of separation, hydrolyzation and evaporation-based processing, it provides an ideal environment for comprehensive testing. 

Whether you prefer on-site or off-site testing, Alfa Laval's process specialists are ready to offer expert advice and application know-how. We are dedicated to ensuring your performance objectives are met every step of the way. 

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We are committed to supporting the industry's journey towards a more sustainable future. With our innovative solutions, fish processing plants can meet rising sustainability standards, achieve operational efficiency, and manage resources responsibly. 

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Fish processing with a focus on sustainability 

The fish processing industry is increasing its emphasis on sustainability, driven by stronger demands from consumers and regulatory bodies. 

Our fish processing systems enable you to utilize the entire fish instead of discharging the by-products, thereby minimizing environmental impact. 

Our solutions focus on: 

  • Maximizing raw material utilization and minimizing discard. 
  • Extracting valuable by-products from fish processing side streams. 
  • Minimizing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. 
  • Low water consumption thanks to easy-to-clean designs. 
  • Minimizing wastewater production and environmental impact. 
  • Compact solutions suitable for onboard installation under the toughest sea heave conditions. Securing a more sustainable utilization of fish raw material. 

Norwegian fish processer utilizes raw material to the fullest

Learn how Pelagia is able to use 100% of the landed fish to make products for human consumption. The seasons are short, and it’s important that production runs smoothly. With Alfa Laval taking the overall equipment responsibility, Pelagia can deliver on its promise.

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