Prodec Oil Plus

Alfa Laval Prodec Oil Plus decanters are designed for industrial applications where the extracted oil is not intended for consumption by humans or animals, such as extracting additional oil from food waste for biogas production through anaerobic digestion. With its innovative design, Oil Plus decanters efficiently maximizes your output in the anaerobic digestion process, without impacting methane production. It is easy to operate and maintain, giving you minimal payback time and total cost of ownership. Available a standalone component or a plug-and-play skid, that can easily integrate into your current plant and process.

Recover every drop of value

  • Recover substantial amount of additional oil of more than 95% purity 
  • Low total cost thanks to low energy consumption and maintenance costs, resulting in short pay-off time – often less than 1 year 
  • Available as a plug-and-play skid 
  • Minimal change in your process, you only add a new component 
Prodec oil plus
Test unit moduel for Prodec Oil Plus

How it works

The incoming feed is effectively separated into oil and wet solids. To do this, the product is sent into a rotating bowl through a tube and accelerated by a rotor. Inside the bowl, a special screw conveyor helps efficiently separate the oil. This is done by using centrifugal force, which makes the lighter oil rise to the top while the heavier solids sink to the bowl's inner wall. Throughout the cylindrical part of the bowl, the oil is continuously extracted.  

The Prodec Oil Plus decanter centrifuges are very robust when it comes to handling varying flow conditions and managing substantial solids content in the feed as well as high fluctuations in oil content, all without requiring operator intervention. The operation is remarkably straightforward, and they can be effortlessly cleaned using flushing/CIP programs. The resulting oil is of exceptional purity, often necessitating minimal additional processing. 

Food waste 

The growing demand for sustainable diesel and jet fuel has turned the oil content in food waste into a valuable resource. With a Prodec Oil Plus decanter installed before your regular decanter centrifuge through the process of anaerobic digestion, you can extract as much as 99% of the free oil from your food waste, without affecting the biogas production. Removing more of the oils also makes the solid waste more suitable for biogas production.


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BioteCH4 recovers oil from food waste to create a new revenue stream

A UK-based waste-management company uses cutting-edge decanter separation technology to tap into a brand-new revenue stream – turning waste oils and fats into high-quality feedstock for the biofuel industry. 


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