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Alfa Laval craft beer process equipment and services for independent local producers and global craft breweries to improve beer quality, optimize production and reduce costs and environmental impacts.

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Aldox Mini

A specialized module to produce high-quality deaerated water for: 

  • Maximizing beer flavour stability and shelf life. 
  • Increasing yield by pushing out all beer lines. 
  • Adjusting/correcting the final beer Plato.

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Intelligent Whirlpool System (IWS)

Whirlpool optimization system where trub is dried in a decanter centrifuge. 

  • Cut energy and water consumption.
  • Minimize fouling/clogging in the wort cooler.
  • Reduce the amount of trub in fermenters and cuts whirlpool time.
  • Enable higher hop utilization from counter-current flushing of solids in the decanter.

Suitable for brew sizes larger than 50 hl (43 bbl).

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Iso-Mix Mini

Rotary jet mixer for fermentation tanks or fast blending of liquid, powder and gas. 

  • Improves tank homogenization.
  • Ideal for adjustment in BBT or soft drink preparation.
  • Mobile unit that can be moved between tanks.

Up to 40% faster fermentation.

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3-in-1 Yeast Propagation Module

Yeast handling system that lets you rehydrate, propagate, store and re-use yeast strains. The system is based on our extensive experience from yeast management and can be fully tailored to your needs. 

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Lowal de-alcoholizer

Module for dealcoholization of beer and generation of reverse osmosis (RO) water.

  • Removes alcohol and water from your beer with a minimum loss of flavours.
  • Make low-alcohol beer (below 0.5% v/v) with ease.
  • Cold process.
  • Suitable for RO water generation, so you get full control of your brewing water.

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Carboset Mini

Automatic inline carbonation module for precise CO2 injection in your beers.

  • Equalizes CO2 concentration in your batches.
  • N2 available on request.
  • Efficient, sanitary system that is easy to clean.
  • Carboblend option: adjust your alcohol/Plato content with deaerated water.
  • Store several recipes in the unit with individual settings for different beers.

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Centrifugal separators

Introducing a centrifugal separator in your brewing process brings benefits such as:

  • Higher production capacity without having to expand fermenting capacity. 
  • Clarifying beer when the flavor profile is just right.
  • Reduce losses by up to 15% by separating out beer from the tank bottoms instead of draining it away.

Alfa Laval offers these plug-and-play separation modules. 

All units feature large spaces for solids handling (IPA friendly). No need for deaerated water or CO2 to keep O2 levels low.

View our Brew Separator Selection Guide here

Brew 20

  • Top-fed axial-hermetic clarifier.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 800 x 1,500 x 1,450 mm (31½ x 59 1/16 x 57 1/8 in.)
  • Flow rate: 4-22 hl/h (3-19 bbl/h)

Brew 80

  • Top-fed axial-hermetic clarifier.
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 1,815 x 975 x 1,545 mm (71½ x 38½ x 61 in.)
  • Flow rate: 10-50 hl/h (8-40 bbl/h)

Brew 250

  • Smallest center-to-center inlet-outlet polishing separator. Fully hermetic machine with low power consumption. Gentle product treatment and low temperature pick-up.

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BSF Mini (Beer Sterile Filtration)

Beer sterile filtration module with 100% bacteria retention without thermal degradation. The gentle treatment guarantees taste is not affected in any way. For maximum safety, each membrane cartridge is certified and the system performs an integrity check before processing a batch.

There is no need for a buffer tank, meaning the footprint is small. An extra, standalone Clean-in-place (CIP) module is available.

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Flexitherm Mini

Automatic pasteurization module designed to preserve your beer’s quality. 

  • Regulates and pasteurizes variable flows.
  • Inactivates all bacteria and remaining yeast cells that risk spoiling your beer.
  • No CO2 breakup during high temperature stage.
  • Hygienic and compact design with stand alone PLC.
  • Store several recipes in the unit with individual settings for different beers.

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We understand that each brewery is unique. That is why we don’t offer any one-sizefits-all, out-of-the-box solutions. Before making any suggestions we always listen carefully to your requirements, goals and ambitions – and preferably have a taste or two of your beers.

We would gladly discuss the possibilities in your brewery and speak to you in person. Please contact us at ,  

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Customer's voice:

Rebellion Beer Company

Rebellion beer company

Craft brewing on relatively small scale is a  traditional art of creating distinctive beers using the time-honoured brewing methods but coupled with elements of modern technology, such as the Brew 80. 

 Mark Gloyens, Co-owner

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Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon Brewery Iso-Mix

The Iso-Mix system provides us with a fast, consistent way of adjusting CO2 content  as well as making other additions that ensure less manual labour and reduced risk of delays in our operations.

Al Marzi, Chief Brewing Officer

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Amager Bryghus

With a Brew 80, you can allow yourself to be more creative. This equipment is very versatile, it gives a great boost to our creative approach to brewing, while also getting our products noticed in a crowded market.

Morten Valentin Lundsbak, Founder

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Boston Beer Company

Beer Company

One of the first things we installed was an Alfa Laval Brew separator. Alfa Laval also took on a big part of the project management, successfully managed the full process, and they were there for us with technical support. 

David Grinnell, VP of Operations

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