Meat processing plant separation equipment in Canada

Equipment that improves operation in meat processing plants. These specially designed industrial separators reduce energy costs by up to 30% and enable effective recovery of revenue-generating by-products like blood, bones, DAF skimmings (dissolved air flotation), edible fats, gelatine, animal foods, biofuels and more.

Find ways to improve your plant's rendering processes to convert more animal by-products into fractionated food, feed and technical grade products. These added-value products can include oils, greaves and meals suitable both for animal feed and human consumption, or as ingredients for use in downstream edible and inedible processes. 


Meat processing plant heat transfer equipment #panel

Find energy savings in the cooling and steam segments of your meat processing plant. Improve thermal efficiency in your plant and reduce labor and parts costs with heat transfer equipment that requires less opening, inspection and cleaning. 

Meat processing plant fluid handling equipment

Pumps, valves, fittings and tank cleaning equipment that is designed to meet the hygienic requirements of the meat processing industry. Equipment that increase process productivity while providing high efficiency and gentle product handling.

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Martin Ivanov

For ideas related to efficiency of industrial centrifuges in meat processing contact Martin Ivanov and Pierre Gosselin.

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For ideas related to energy savings, heat transfer, or refrigeration in meat processing talk to Vikram Nagpal and Grecia Ayala:

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Grecia AyalaGrecia Ayala.
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For ideas related to sanitation and smart controls, pumps, valves and controls expert in meat meat Federico Lucenaprocessing talk to Federico Lucena.
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For ideas related to extending equipment life-cycle, repairs and service agreements in meat processing talk to Brian Kelly

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