Fluid Catalytic Cracking

In this refinery application series on Fluid Catalytic Cracking; explore how Alfa Laval's welded heat exchanger technologies have been applied to debottleneck, increase capacity, reduce CAPEX, increase energy efficiency & reduce utilities.

Case stories

Shell has maximized waste heat recovery from it's FCC OVHD vapor to minimize CO2 footprint of new grassroots unit


US refinery cut's refinery emission to 1/3rd of federal requirement from it's FCC unit using Alfa Laval Compablocs

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TOTAL has eliminated cleaning needs in it's FCC slurry cooler by Installing Alfa Laval Spiral heat exchanger

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Petrobras cost effectively debottlnecks & solves corrosion problem of their FCC ovhd system using Alfa Laval Compabloc heat exchangers

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Revamping process units on a Canadian Shell Refinery

Blog posts

Learn why oil refineries are making the switch from antiquated box coolers to heat exchangers.

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