Crude oil distillation

In this refinery application series on Crude Oil Distillation; explore how Alfa Laval's welded heat exchanger technologies have been applied to debottleneck, increase capacity, reduce CAPEX, increase energy efficiency & reduce utilities.

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Crude distillation is the heart of the refinery, and optimal performance of this process is key to profitability. Whether it is your atmospheric or your vacuum distillation unit that needs optimization, Alfa Laval has the experience and the solutions that will take your refinery to the next level.

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Case stories

Tamoil has maximized energy recovery from CDU OVHD vapour, at minimal CAPEX and plot space availability.


Learn how AP Falconara in Italy has improved energy efficiency in it's CDU by recovering energy in CDU Overhead vapor into crude oil preheat. Read the story how they did it.

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Preem refinery has increased gasoil yield & energy efficiency in it's CDU by using one Alfa Laval Compabloc in Pre Heat Train. Read the story how they did it.

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Reducing energy intensity index & increasing capacity

In this webinar excerpt our experts Sumit Chintawar and Mike Buettner showcase how Hyundai Oilbank refinery increased their CDU capacity by 20% and at the same time reduced Energy Intensity Index by 30% using Compabloc technology.

Debottleneck CDU overhead to increase capacity & improve energy efficiency

This webinar excerpt show our experts Sumit Chintawar and Mike Buettner demonstrating how Thai Oil was able to debottleneck its CDU overhead system

Maximizing reliability and profitability in Repsol Cartagena ADU using Alfa Laval high efficient corrosion free heat exchangers.

Listen how Repsol refinery solved CDU Ovhd condenser corroison issue at fraction of their cost estimates using high alloy Compabloc

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