Catalytic Hydrotreatment

In this refinery application series on Catalytic Hydrotreatment; explore how Alfa Laval's welded heat exchanger technologies have been applied to debottleneck, increase capacity, reduce CAPEX, increase energy efficiency & reduce utilities

Application leaflets

Read our application leaflet on Hydrotreater to know how to: Increase capacity and product yield, Substantially lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions, Increased operating reliability/availability, Minimizing CAPEX and improving Project ROI

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Case stories

Case Story from Hydrocarbon Engineering Sep. 2017 where Chris Wajciechowski, Alfa Laval, USA, explains how the introduction of welded plate heat exchangers has optimized naphtha hydrotreater efficiency at a major refinery on the US Gulf Coast.

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Article from PTQ Q2 2020: Improving hydrotreater performance using welded plate heat exchanger

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Blog posts

Discover how to use capital and energy efficient Compabloc technology in naphtha hydrotreating.

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US Gulf Coast Refinery

US Gulf Coast Refinery Reducing Total Project Capex of Naphtha Hydrotreater

Canadian Refinery Debottlecking

Canadian Refinery Debottlecking Cracked Naphtha Hydrotreater to increase capacity

Major European Refinery Debottleneck

Major European Refinery Debottleneck Naphtha Hydrotreater & does heat integration 

US West Coast Refinery

US West Coast Refinery Debottleneck NHT Splitter with one Compabloc

Webinar: Improving hydrotreater performance with welded plate heat exchangers

Webinar: Improving hydrotreater performance with welded plate heat exchangers

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