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Keep the passion. Upgrade your craft.

With fast and efficient clarification that respects your brew

Alfa Laval beer centrifuges for craft breweries

Craft brewing is all about bringing unique flavour to your customers. Whether you make crystal clear lager or hazy IPA, Alfa Laval’s craft centrifuges protect the character and quality of your beer, while boosting efficiency in your production. Removing core solids without filtering or oxygen uptake. And with an option to carbonate your beer during centrifugation. It’s the easy way to upgrade your craft, while keeping the passion.

Procarb perfect match


More from every batch, faster

With a beer centrifuge, you get up to 10% more beer from every batch, compared to traditional sedimentation. And you move faster from fermentation to finished product, boosting your capacity without having to invest in new tanks.

Adding the integrated ProCarb inline carbonation option cuts production times even more, while securing high and consistent quality. Making sure every pint is a delight to your customers

An investment that pays off

Increased yield and accelerated tank turnover enable you to recover your investment in as little as a year, depending on the setup and size of your brewery. Making the centrifuge a truly smart investment.
The payback graph shows how one brewery recovered their investment in just 9 months after installing a Brew 80 centrifuge:

  • Yearly production: 3500 hl
  • Suggested flow rate: 10 – 50 hl/h
  • Beer sales: € 3 per litre
  • Payback period: 0,75 years



Carbonate with superior speed and quality

High-quality carbonation can be time consuming, adding stress to your production schedule. By integrating carbonation with clarification, we’re introducing a groundbreaking solution. Now, you can boost efficiency even more while staying true to the craft.

When we saw the Alfa Laval centrifuge with ProCarb, we realized that we could recover all our costs with the time we saved. Now we can go straight from crash cooling to packaging. I can do in 3 hours what used to take 3 days.”
A craft brewer

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Alfa Laval Brew: solutions that grow with your brewery

Alfa Laval offers a wide range of separation technology for clarification and polishing of beer.
Our craft experts can provide technology and advice to help you as your brewery grows.
Visit our Brew Series homepage to learn more.

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Brew 20 

  • Clarifier for the smallest craft brewers
  • Working capacity: 4-15 hl/h
  • Axial-Hermetic Seal for reduction of oxygen pickup
  • Simple to operate with low maintenance costs
  • Plug-and-play skid for fast, easy installation

Brew 80

Brew 80

  • Clarifier for small-sized craft brewers
  • Working capacity: 10-50 hl/h
  • Axial-Hermetic Seal for reduction of oxygen pickup
  • Simple to operate with low maintenance costs
  • Plug-and-play skid for fast, easy installation

Discover Brew 80

Brew 250

Brew 250

  • Polisher for small-sized craft brewers
  • Working capacity: 40-140 hl/h
  • Fully Hermetic Design ensures zero oxygen pickup and low power consumption
  • Simple to operate with low maintenance costs
  • Plug-and-play skid for fast, easy installation

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Craft brewers discovering the benefits of Alfa Laval technology

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The secret ingredient of making great beer

Meet Christian Holmlund from Salama Brewing - it's a small but ambitious craft brewery, specializing on 'extravagant beers'. They opened just 1,5 years ago and installed Brew 20 centrifuge. Now they sell every batch before it has even been brewed. Learn about the factors behind their success and find out how a Brew 20 beer centrifuge helped them to get 10% more beer from every batch. 


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“Our beer went from good to exceptional…”

Watch this video to hear from Adam DeBower, owner and founder of Austin Beerworks, about how a fully hermetic Alfa Laval centrifuge improved his brewery’s operations – and their beer. Thanks to the unique design and advanced features, along with first-class support from Alfa Laval’s leading brewery separation experts, his team has been able to take their craft beer from good to exceptional.


Your questions answered
in our video guide

Whether you’ve been shopping around for a centrifuge for a long time, or have just started considering investing in one, our experts give you answers to the most important beer separation questions. Among the questions answered in our video guide are:

  • how can a centrifuge help you to improve flavours and aroma of your beer?
  • what financial benefits can you expect if you add a separator in your process?

Check out our craft brewers video guide to learn more

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