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Brew 80 - your passion deserves the best

Compact beer centrifuge for small craft breweries that need a bit more capacity

The right fit for your passion

The Alfa Laval Brew series is a comprehensive range of beer centrifuges, designed to give you the capacity you need as your brewery grows. If you’re already brewing more than the very smallest microbreweries, it may be time to consider Alfa Laval Brew 80. Like Brew 20, Brew 80 is a plug-and-play module designed for simple and cost-effective installation, operation and service. For capacities up to 50 hl/hour, it offers all the same innovations for boosting the yield and quality of your beers – including the unique Axial Hermetic Seal for minimizing oxygen pickup.

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Brew 80 design features for superior beer and superior profitability

Alfa Laval Brew 80 is a multi-purpose centrifuge optimized for a range of brewery applications, including green beer, pre-clarification and polishing. There are two Brew 80 options to choose from.

Brew 80

  • Clarifier for small-sized craft brewers
  • Working capacity: 10-50 hl/h
  • Axial-Hermetic Seal for reduction of oxygen pickup
  • Simple to operate with low maintenance costs
  • Plug-and-play skid for fast, easy installation

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Brew 80 Plus

  • Clarifier for small-sized craft brewers
  • Working capacity: 10-50 hl/h
  • Axial-Hermetic Seal for reduction of oxygen pickup
  • Simple to operate with low maintenance costs
  • Plug-and-play skid for fast, easy installation
  • Siemens control panel
  • Turbidity triggering of solids discharge
  • Capacity control by inlet turbidity

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Breweries seeing the benefits of Brew 80


Performance to compete with the big brands

Värmdö Bryggeri, a microbrewery based outside of Stockholm, Sweden, has established themselves as a hit among locals. Thanks to their Brew 80 centrifuge, they have cut product losses and increased yield by 8%.


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Enthusiasm as the growth ingredient

Denmark’s independent Amager Bryghus has consistently ranked as one of the best craft brewers in the world. In addition to increasing output, their Brew 80 has given Amager Bryghus the ability to be more creative and experiment with new flavours.


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Best of both worlds at Rebellion Beer Company

Rebellion Beer is driven to revive a high-quality, local brewing tradition in their home of Marlow, UK. By investing in a Brew 80, they achieved yields of 95% or better, along with reduced DO pickup to ensure more consistent beer quality.

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Maximum hoppiness for an improved flavour experience

Mic Heynekamp of Eddyline Brewery in Nelson, New Zealand is a veteran brewer who knows his stuff. He chose Brew 80 for Eddyline’s big, juicy IPAs in order to capture the flavourful hop oils that are lost in traditional clarifying processes.

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Your questions answered in our video guide

Whether you’ve been shopping around for a centrifuge for a long time, or have just started considering investing in one, our experts give you answers to the most important beer separation questions. Among the questions answered in our video guide are:

  • how can a centrifuge help you to improve flavours and aroma of your beer?
  • what financial benefits can you expect if you add a separator in your process?

Check out our craft brewers video guide to learn more


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Alfa Laval craft beer centrifuges: solutions, that grow with your brewery

Alfa Laval offers a wide range of separation technologies for clarification and polishing of beer. Our craft experts can provide technology and advice to help you as your brewery grows. Visit our Beer series homepage to learn more.

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Alfa Laval Brew 20: your passion deserves the best

Quality beer takes quality tools. Alfa Laval Brew 20 is a compact beer centrifuge specially designed for the needs of the smallest brewpubs and microbreweries. Like Brew 80, it offers smart innovation for improving yield and quality while minimizing oxygen pickup and operational costs.

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