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The new Alfa Laval T21

Meet our latest contribution. The new T21 is our most versatile plate heat exchanger to date. It is the "heat exchanger for every application”.

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Unique about the T21

  • OmegaPortTM
  • CurveFlowTM
  • FlexFlowTM
  • Hastelloy D-205TM
  • High pressure frame up to 40 bar

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The new T21 to bring efficient heat transfer to every industry.

Energy efficiency plays a key role in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. Increased efficiency could account for more than 40% of emissions reductions in the next 20 years. The solutions to enable these energy efficiency improvements already exist.

The new T21 is Alfa Laval's most diverse heat exchanger, developed to meet diversified heat transfer demands in HVAC, district heating & cooling, sulphuric acid production, data center, chemicals, dairy, breweries and many other applications, boosting our customers' sustainability journey, reducing CO2 and energy consumption.

In addition to Alfa Laval's innovating features like OmegaPortTM, FlexFlowTM, CurveFlowTM to improve heat transfer efficiency and reduce fouling, the new T21 plate materials can be various and Hastelloy D-205TM is exclusively offered to handle sulfuric acid.

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The new Alfa Laval TS45

Meet the all new Alfa Laval TS45. Our latest innovation in heat transfer efficiency. The TS45 is a large and versatile plate heat exchanger adaptable to a wide array of industries and applications.

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Highlighted features

  • OmegaPortTM
  • CurveFlowTM
  • FlexFlowTM

Setting the standard for thermal efficiency with our newest plate heat exchanger.

The TS45 is the world’s most modern gasketed plate heat exchanger. Every inch of its design is intentionally created with flexibility and performance in mind. This means that it is the most versatile of its kind on the market and can benefit virtually any application, especially cooling duties.

With innovations like OmegaPortTM offering an increased thermal surface area, FlexFlowTM bringing 30% higher efficiency and reduced fouling, and CurveFlowTM improving media flow and distribution, the TS45 will reach new levels of productivity.

In addition, the TS45 has one other crucial benefit to be proud of regardless of the application or position this gasketed plate heat exchanger is put in: It will help save energy and minimize carbon emissions in every process. Alfa Laval’s new standard for thermal efficiency is set to raise the bar for their customers, the industry, and the planet. The TS45 is proof that we can accelerate the transition to more sustainable solutions and reach net-zero by 2050.

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Sustainable services

With an estimated 2.5% of global emissions coming from underperforming heat exchangers, we have made it our mission to make them perform better for longer. So, no matter what, we are here to provide local service and support: anytime, anywhere, for any brand.

Сервисное обслуживание теплообменников TS45

The responsible and efficient way to keep your production on track.

With Alfa Laval’s new plate heat exchanger service, you can get instant and accurate information on the status of your heat exchanger. In other words, we can tell you exactly when your next maintenance is due and give you advice on how to improve performance. Our digital services are proven to boost energy savings!

When your maintenance is finally due, our state-of-the-art service center in Frechen, Germany is equipped with automated equipment that can service any brand in record time. In fact, this new service center is the largest and most environmentally friendly service centre for plate heat exchangers in the world. Plus, it is strategically placed in the center of Europe, making it easy to access for most countries.

Service for your plate heat exchangers