Increase efficiency

Increase profitability

To stay competitive in today’s market, petrochemical companies need to increase production in existing plants and minimize operating costs. While at the same time reducing environmental impact and keeping product quality high and consistent.

Alfa Laval offers a well-proven, straightforward solutions to these challenges. Using compact heat exchangers instead of shell-and-tubes lets you save on operating and capital costs, and often makes it possible to ramp up production without major changes to your plant.

Our heat exchangers offer five ways to higher profitability:

 Save energy

 Increase production

 Cut investment costs

 Solve cooling limitations

 Increase uptime

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Increase efficiency

Increase efficiencyFive ways to stay ahead of the competition in the petrochemical industry. Learn how Alfa Laval’s heat exchangers can improve your bottom line.

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Energize your profits

Energize your profits

See how waste heat can be turned into value.

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Lean ethylene

Lean ethylene

Discover how you can boost efficiency in your ethylene plant.

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