Increase efficiency



Increase efficiency

Five ways to stay ahead of the competition in the petrochemical industry. Learn how Alfa Laval’s heat exchangers can improve your bottom line.

Energize your profits

See how waste heat can be turned into value -  discover hidden assets.

Lean ethylene

Discover how you can boost efficiency in your ethylene plant.

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Compact condensers: sizable payback

For condensing vapor, today's compact systems can reduce the cost of the equipment itself, and trim installation and operating costs.

A reboiler for the space age

A description of an innovative reboiler solution, comparing installation costs and space constraints. Alfa Laval's Compabloc is one of the most compact reboiler solutions available on the market today. 

Exchanging ideas

Robert Broad, Alfa Laval, UK provides an overview of the condenser options available to the hydrocarbon processing engineers.

Improving heat recovery

Utilizing quench water energy at an European ethylene plant. Global warming is of major concern today. There is increasing pressure on industry to reduce both energy usage and the associated CO2 emissions. An important and profitable action that industry can take is to recover more process energy and thus improve the efficient use of that energy.

Where size really counts

Today, many industries are asking themselves how they can contribute to a better environment by reducing CO2 emissions, while remaining efficient and cost competitive. One solution, where feasible, is to install compact heat exchangers instead shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Spirals in fouling applications

This article describes the unique features of the spiral heat exchanger, applications in which the spiral heat exchanger has been successfully used and conclude with some practical design guidelines.

Shift to compact heat exchangers

There is increasing pressure on industry to reduce both energy usage and the associated CO2 emissions. Two important and profitable actions to take are to recover more process energy and optimize cooling efficiency.

Expanding the envelope

Johan Gunnarsson, Alfa Laval, Sweden, surveys the alternative to traditional heat exchanger technology for petrochemical plants.


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