Tank cleaning boosts uptime, increases cleaning reliability and improves workplace safety

Fish nutrition firm INVE Aquaculture depends upon clean tanks to keep production going 24/7. Replacing time-consuming manual tank cleaning methods with automated Alfa Laval TZ Rotary Jet Head tank cleaning machines reduced cleaning time by 75%, increased production uptime and enhanced workplace safety. Better yet, the investment of €225,000 paid for itself in one month.

DATE 2023-11-28

As a specialist in advanced nutrition, health and environment solutions for fish and shrimp, INVE Aquaculture must comply with strict requirements for product hygiene and quality. In the past, the INVE Aquaculture plant in northern Thailand had to stop production every five days to clean the seven-meter-tall spray dry tower. Workers needed 12 hours to manually clean the tank, which resulted in higher personnel costs as well as production loss. By investing in Alfa Laval
Rotary Jet Head tank cleaning machines, INVE Aquaculture realized measurable benefits, including enhanced worker safety, more uptime, fast payback and reliable cleaning efficiency.

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Enhanced worker safety

Using automated Cleaning-in-Place systems instead of manual tank cleaning systems enhances worker safety. To initiate a cleaning cycle for the entire system, the staff simply presses a switch on the control panel instead of having to climb on top of the tanks, on slippery surfaces, or into confined spaces. This means that using mobile Alfa Laval TZ-67 and TZ-89 rotary jet head cleaning devices in the plant’s spray dry tower, duct tube and cyclone unit
helps prevent workplace injuries.

Less downtime, more production uptime and fast payback

With Alfa Laval rotary jet head tank cleaning machines, cleaning time is dramatically reduced from 12 hours of manual cleaning to only three hours of automated cleaning. For every hour of cleaning time saved, the plant can add about €4,000 to its bottom line due to increased production uptime. In just a month, INVE Aquaculture realized payback on their initial investment of €225,000.

Consistent, reliable cleaning quality

The Alfa Laval rotary jet head tank cleaning machines that clean the INVE Aquaculture spray dry system use an optimized high-impact jet pattern that provides 360° coverage of the inner tank and tube surfaces. Ideal for the hygienic conditions required for batch production, this
ensures the most effective Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) solution with the highest impact cleaning and the lowest liquid consumption in shortest amount of time.

Vast opportunities in the market

Switching from manual tank cleaning to automated tank cleaning at INVE Aquaculture shows how understanding customer needs can help optimize cleaning efficiency and boost productivity and profitability. “In Southeast Asia, we estimate the market for advanced tank cleaning installations at 10 million Euros,” says Auttawut Sowasuphap, Distributor Manager for Alfa Laval Sanitary Equipment in Thailand. “INVE Aquaculture is one example of how using Alfa Laval’s comprehensive tank cleaning equipment range brings measurable benefits to companies, large and small.”

About INVE Aquaculture

Established in 1983, INVE Aquaculture is a world-leading supplier of nutrition and health products for fish and shrimp hatcheries and farms. The company has its headquarters in Belgium, production facilities in Thailand, and regional sales offices and service centres around the world.





The Alfa Laval TZ-89 Rotary Jet Head tank cleaning machine provides exceptional hygiene and cleanability at the INVE Aquaculture plant. This results in better end-product quality, greater overall output and reduced operating costs.