Alfa Laval - Webinar - Separation technology for your brewery


Webinar - Separation technology for your brewery - 24th September 2019

How to use a centrifuge to increase brewery profit from every batch of beer and improve the quality of the beer.

In this free webinar our experts Joakim Gustafsson and Fernando Jimenez will introduce you to separation technology and explain how it is used in beer breweries. You will get to know why more and more brewers pay attention to beer centrifuges. You will find out:

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• What are the benefits of clarifying beer

• How separation can help you increase yield, improve beer quality and

• When and how you should use a centrifuge in a brewery

• How to choose the right centrifuge for your brewery


After you fill in the registration form you will receive an email with the login details and the instruction on how to access the webinar. You need the Adobe Connect Desktop Application to attend this webinar for the best experience. You may download the application here:
It is recommended that you attend the webinar with a high-speed internet connection. The quality may be compromised if you are accessing the webinar from a mobile phone app on mobile network or wifi.

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We look forward to see you among the participants of our webinar!


Contact Martin Ivanov for information about brewery wastewater, separation and heat transfer systems from Alfa Laval. 

Contact Marc Hunt for information about municipal wastewater separation and filtration systems from Alfa Laval.

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