Boom of CleanBC companies turning waste into fuel

Vancouver-based EverGen Infrastructure Cop. is the subject of a flurry of announcements by Canadian utility companies in recent months. Enbridge Inc., ATCO Energy Solutions, and FortisBC are all actively pursuing opportunities in the space.


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“…CALGARY – Vancouver-based EverGen Infrastructure Corp. snapped up two organic waste processing facilities in B.C. (the Net Zero Waste compost facility in Abbotsford, and the Sea to Sky Soils facility near Pemberton.)…


…EverGen already owns Fraser Valley Biogas, which has been in production since 2011 and is Western Canada’s first RNG facility. The facility combines anaerobic digesting and biogas upgrading technologies to produce RNG from the manure produced by local dairy farms.


The RNG produced there is contracted to FortisBC, which claims to be the first utility in North America with a renewable natural gas program. In addition to EverGen and Fraser Valley Biogas, FortisBC currently receives RNG from 11 other suppliers, giving the utility access to enough to power about 200,000 homes…


…While cost has always been a significant impediment to widespread RNG adoption, advocates say public policy changes are fuelling increased demand. British Columbia’s CleanBC objectives commit to a 15 per cent renewable gas content in the province’s natural gas system by 2030, for example, while the government of Quebec has also set minimum RNG targets for natural gas providers....”

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