2017-02-23 Product news

Canada's Maple Leaf Foods to Acquire U.S.-Based Lightlife

Lightlife Foods specializes in vegetarian sausages and burgers

This article is related to Alfa Laval's industrial systems for food and beverage processing: industrial separation centrifugesheat transfer systems (thermal); hygienic fittings, valves and pumps; commercial refrigeration systems - used by Canadian food and beverage manufacturers.

...The deal strengthens Maple Leaf Foods' position in the U.S. plant-based protein market, and underscores consumers' shift toward less processed foods and simpler ingredients...

Companies are increasingly investing in better-for-you food offerings as more traditional foods are struggling with sales growth. Lightlife reportedly has grown by about 25 percent since its purchase by Brynwood from ConAgra Brands Inc. in 2013. Maple Leaf's move is indicative of the surge in the global plant-based meat market. The sector is projected to reach nearly $6 billion in sales by 2022, rising an average of 6.6 percent per year since 2016, according to research firm Markets and Markets...

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