2022-08-08 Product news

Merit Functional Foods unveils new pea protein to replace methylcellulose

Winnipeg-based ingredient supplier has a new pea protein solution to replace methylcellulose in plant-based sausages, hot dogs, and burgers.

This article is related to Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing industries. Alfa Laval’s food grade equipment (pumps, valves, separators, heat exchangers) are used in food manufacturing operations across Canada.


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“…The Peazazz pea protein offers gelling, emulsification, and cold and hot binding to uphold an animal meat-like texture in meat alts. Recent applications work has also demonstrated that it can replace methylcellulose, a commonly used ingredient in meat alt formulations…


…Methylcellulose is commonly used as a binding and gelling agent in meat alternative applications. Replacing it has historically been difficult, as these functional qualities are critical to upholding the springy, meat-like texture consumers have long associated with traditional animal-based meats…


…Merit is currently collaborating with brands looking to develop the next generation of clean label plant-based meat applications. For more information or to request a sample, visit meritfoods.com…”


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