2022-07-28 Product news

New London Plant for Canadian Alternative Protein Burger Chain

A Canadian vegan quick-service restaurant chain plans to build a manufacturing facility to handle its supply needs and help it expand into retail.

This article is related to Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing industries. Alfa Laval’s food grade equipment (pumps, valves, separators, heat exchangers) are used in food manufacturing operations across Canada.

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“… Odd Burger, which currently has 92 outlets in Canada, announced plans for a 50,000-sq.-ft. plant to be built in London, Ontario. The plant will be operated by Preposterous Foods, Odd Burger’s manufacturing subsidiary. It will produce plant-based proteins and dairy-free sauces for Odd Burger’s line of vegan versions of standard fast-food fare like burgers and chicken nuggets.

Odd Burger plans to expand to hundreds of outlets in North America, all supplied from the London plant. Its production will also enable Preposterous Foods to move its products into retail…”

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