Charlottetown PEI WWTP upgrades

Transitions to a resource recovery facility with financial, environmental, and social benefits

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...The City of Charlottetown plans to transition its current wastewater treatment facility, or pollution control plant, to a resource recovery facility...

Project components that are currently being considered include renewable energy production, biosolid drying, and end-use research and greenhouse production. In addition, the City will be looking to partner with facilities in proximity of the current plant to identify opportunities for meeting shared outcomes. The facility would be the first of its kind on PEI.

The proposed components being explored for the Charlottetown Resource Recovery Facility include:

Renewable Energy Production and Thermal Energy Recovery

Tidal power generation using the flow of water to produce energy that can then be utilized by the Plant, partner facilities located close to the Plant and/or to support new facilities on-site.
Biogas Fired Co-Generation Systems to capture gas produced from the existing digesters and use it as a heat source.
An Effluent Water Heat Recovery System which would involve using the heat from waste water that is treated at the plant by running it through a water to water heat exchanger.


Biosolid drying would further reduce moisture content in the exceptional Class A biosolid produced by the plant. The product could then be used locally or sent to market.
Climate Adaptation and Coastal Protection

Research on each of the components of the proposed project is being conducted by city staff, and the feasibility report is may be available as early as the end of 2017....

The full article is on: watercanada.net

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