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Experts weigh in on Ontario water issues for 2022 and beyond

Water Canada took the opportunity to ask water industry experts to weigh in on what they think the biggest water issue is that the next Ontario government needs to focus on.

This article is related to Alfa Laval wastewater equipment. Alfa Laval's Separation and Heat Transfer systems are used by municipalities and cities across Canada.


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“…As the Ontario elections loom large on the horizon, It’s probably not surprising that the answers were varied, well-considered, and, of course, inspiring…



“There are so many competing priorities in the supply, collection, and management of water in Ontario including:


Emerging contaminants of concern in both water supply and treated wastewater discharge ranging from microplastics to per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS);

Effectively leveraging Big Data from operating systems and assets to inform targeted and effective investments;

Investing in people to operate and maintain our systems, recognizing loss of institutional knowledge with retirements and increased job mobility, as well as the need for training as facilities become more computerized (see Big Data comment above); and

Aging infrastructure...”


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