Molson Coors to Build Wastewater Pre-treatment Plant in Fraser Valley

Special pre-treatment facility will needed at the Chilliwack wastewater treatment plant near new brewery

This article is relevant to Alfa Laval's sales of water/solids seperators centrifuges for municipal wastewater and heat transfer equipment for Canadian breweries

Read the brief of the article below, the full article is on: WaterCanada

...Molson Coors Canada is investing in an anaerobic reactor to treat new the brewery’s wastewater...The new wastewater pre-treatment plant will handle the high levels of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) discharge that are typical of breweries using an up-flow anaerobic sludge blanket type reactor...

...A special pre-treatment facility will have to be built at the Chilliwack wastewater treatment plant to handle wastewater from the future Molson Coors brewery....The reactor is expected to be on line by late 2018 with the Molson Coors state-of-the-art plant starting up in early 2019.


Read the full article is on: WaterCanada

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