Beer production

Whether you brew the biggest brands, or the latest craft beer style, Alfa Laval can help you differentiate and expand. It’s about differentiation, connecting with consumers and their need to constantly try ‘new things’, adopting new raw materials and methods, all the while keeping a watchful eye on quality, cost and safety.

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Benefits of our professional brewery equipment

  • Improved control and flexibility to brew a broader range of beers
  • Yield boosted by up to 10%
  • Reduced water usage in brewing processes by 80%
  • Reduced energy and waste – between 50% and 80%
  • Compliant with global hygiene and legislative standards

Whatever you want to brew, our proven brewing solutions for commercial as well as craft brewers, along with our brewery expertise and knowhow, will help you to adapt and grow with your brewery. We offer products and brewing solutions that will make people as passionate about your beer as you are.

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ProCarb inline carbonation

Boost productivity with rapid clarification and carbonation


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Latest Customer Success Stories

Brewing tips from our experts 


Burst technology for more effective tank cleaning

The new innovative Alfa Laval TJ40G burst nozzle is particularly suitable for brewery applications or hygienic applications which utilizes chemical soaking for removing soil.

Non-alcoholic brewing – new technologies and big opportunities

All-in-one De-alcoholization module makes it easy to simply add non-alcoholic brewing to any existing production facility.

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Revolutionary dry-hopping techniques featured in MBAA's journal

Alfa Laval's Externally Driven Rotary Jet Mixer is featured in Master Brewers Association of the Americas' Technical Quarterly.

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The brewery yield challenge: Making the most of hops, cleaning and wort recovery

New solutions that optimize dry hopping

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Why settle for less?

Boost productivity and reduce losses with compact, ready-to-use BREW separation modules.

Don’t waste a drop - Get the most out of your yeast

Recover beer from surplus yeast with the BRUX separator module.

Creating more – using less

We help you produce more beer – sometimes even better – at the same time as cutting back on your environmental footprint.

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The Iso-Mix advantage for breweries

The unique Alfa Laval Iso-Mix system, based on the revolutionary and patented rotary jet mixer technology, is an ideal solution for breweries seeking a straightforward, cost-effective way to expand capacity, reduce process time and improve consistency.