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Maximize efficiency in your refinery

More than ever, it’s critical to improve the efficiency of energy-intensive refinery processes. In this free webinar, we will take a close look at solutions for boosting process efficiency in crude distillation and naphtha hydrotreatment services.

Webinar - 10 November 2020 

Duration: 30 minutes for expert presentations followed by 15 minutes for Q&A

Our refinery experts will share:

  • Real customer cases involving optimization of preheat trains in crude distillation as well as naphtha hydrotreaters

  • Data from theoretical studies on optimizing the efficiency of these processes

  • Technical data on potential solutions as well as some calculations for payback time

About the panel:

  • Eva Andersson, Refinery Industry Manager at Alfa Laval, will lead the first half of the webinar on crude distillation processes. She will share unique expertise from more than 15 years of optimizing refinery processes, specializing on maximizing energy efficiency and product yield in crude and vacuum distillation processes.
  • Wivika Laike, Refinery Business Development Manager at Alfa Laval, will present the section on naphtha hydrotreaters. Wivika holds a master’s degree in Chemical Engineering and has been with Alfa Laval for nearly 15 years. She brings proven experience from a wide range of heavy industrial applications.
  • Erasmo Gallese, Refinery Sales Engineer for Alfa Laval Italy, will moderate the webinar.

Eva-Andersson-Wivika-Laike-small.pngEva Andersson and Wivika Laike

Who will benefit:

This webinar will be of great interest to any refinery looking for sustainable insights to improve the efficiency of their refinery processes. It will be particularly valuable for those with specific questions about the applications discussed above.

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