Operator and maintenance training for your separators

Alfa Laval Training Service is designed to raise the level of competence of your operators and maintenance team, expand their skill sets and motivate them to optimize the performance and the Alfa Laval equipment.

Get expertise from our experts. Learn from Alfa Laval instructors who blend hands-on experience, operating and maintaining equipment (if on site or equipment available) with theoretical and design related expertise. You get the best of both worlds: a combination of theory and practical skills that enables you to make full advantage of the state of the art Alfa Laval equipment.

Learning goals

Upon completion of these courses, you will have a better understanding about your Alfa Laval separator. How to operate and maintain them in a safe way as well as to optimize them to prevent unexpected issues and keep the uptime high.

Target group

Operators and maintenance team for Alfa Laval separators




Classroom/onsite: 1 to 3 days

Virtual training: 1 day (2 x 3 hours) 2 day (4 x 3 hours)


We always try to include as much hands-on experience to our trainings as possible.

Course fee

You will receive course fees together with other practical training information

Course content

Example of training could be, but not limited to

  • Basic separation theory
  • Safety
  • PID walkthrough, components
  • Operating and working principle
  • HMI and alarm handling
  • Ancillary equipment
  • Maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Upgrades
  • Hands-on as possible. Normally theory in morning and hands-on in the afternoon.

Additional notes

The training is intended to give operator and maintenance team confidence in operating and maintaining your Alfa Laval equipment. It combines hands-on and theory exercises at site, in customer premises or at an Alfa Laval service center or office.



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