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In this short webinar, Jacopo Montali, Global Sales Manager - Prepared Food & Beverage, BU Food Systems walks through Alfa Laval’s selection of filling solutions and how they can make your production line more efficient.


Not sure which filling solution is for you? Watch and find out.


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00:00:43 What is bag-in-box?

00:03:11 Which bags can be used?

00:06:05 Sustainable packaging

00:08:22 Future of flexible packaging

00:10:18 An introduction to Aseptic Fillers

00:13:43 Aseptic Fillers portfolio

00:15:15 Pilot Aseptic Filler & video demo

00:16:00 Compact Aseptic Filler & video demo

00:21:26 HSLA Aseptic Filler & video demo

00:27:26 An introduction to Non-aseptic fillers

00:28:34 Piccolo Filler (non-aseptic) & video demo

00:30:57 Grande Filler (non-aseptic) & video demo

00:34:11 Alfa Laval Combibox & video demo