Food sterilizers

Keep food products fresh, delicious, conveniently packaged and germ-free with Alfa Laval food sterilizers. This broad heat treatment portfolio eliminates the microbes that cause spoilage, preserving food, extending shelf life and ensuring product safety. Choose the most efficient sterilization solution for your processing needs to help reduce energy consumption, lower emissions and waste, and save money.

Steritherm DSI

Protect and preserve food products with heat sterilization

  • Process and product safety assured due to proven heat transfer technology with an integrated control system that guarantees fail-safe operation
  • Flexible portfolio of plate, tubular and scraped surface heat exchangers that easily adapt to your requirements
  • Energy savings due to efficient heat transfer due to direct and indirect regeneration, highly efficient pumping solutions and optimized CIP cycles
  • Global presence with local support and service for genuine spare, service kit through to preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance

Preventing microbial growth and product spoilage while protecting product integrity using Alfa Laval food sterilizers. Flexible and modular, these sterilization systems provide gentle handling of shear- and heat-sensitive products like:  

  • clear, low-viscosity fluids,  
  • pulpy, fibrous, particle-laden products and 
  • viscous products like fruit purées  

These heat treatment modules sterilize food products using superheated water at temperatures less than 120°C. Gentle, low-shear processing safeguards product integrity. There are modules to handle ultra-high temperature (UHT) treatment, if required.  

Alfa Laval food sterilizers meet international food safety regulations for safety, reliability, efficiency and hygiene across the dairy, food, beverage, and many industries.