The new T21: efficient heat exchanger for every application

  • Suitable for a wide range applications
  • Available with a large selection of plate and gasket types
  • High energy efficiency – low operating cost
  • Flexible configuration – heat transfer area can be modified
  • Easy to install – compact design
  • High serviceability – easy to open for inspection and cleaning and easy to clean by CIP
  • Access to Alfa Laval’s global service network

distribution area

Improves media flow and minimizes risk of fouling.


noncircular port holes

Enhances media flow and thermal efficiency.

plate design 

Improves thermal efficiency and optimizes pressure drop utilization.


Heat exchanger for every application

The new T21 is Alfa Laval's most diverse heat exchanger, developed to boost your sustainability journey by reducing your CO2 emissions and energy consumption. It meets the diversified heat transfer demands in HVAC, district heating & cooling, sulphuric acid production, data centers, chemicals, dairies, breweries and many other applications. The new T21 is available with a range of different plate materials. Hastelloy D-205 is exclusively offered to handle sulphuric acid.


Up to 40 bar

Plate materials

Net zero target

Alfa Laval Smart Heat Exchanger easy connected

Remote monitoring and dedicated analytics enable more precise and efficient operation, more informed decision-making, and targeted interventions. This digital transformation makes it possible to develop more sophisticated and efficient heating and cooling systems, which can provide reliable and affordable heating and cooling services to urban areas while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The Smart Heat Exchanger is one of Alfa Laval's digital solutions portfolio. Discover now how to start your digital journey with Alfa Laval!


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