See Alfa Laval Kathabar in action

Kathabar FV

How does Alfa Laval Kathabar operate?

The animation shows the flow of process air and Kathene, Alfa Laval Kathabar’s trademarked liquid desiccant, through the vertical conditioner. The humid air enters the Conditioner through the sump and then travels up vertically through the packing media. At the same time the liquid desiccant, Kathene, is being pumped through the spray nozzles overtop of the packing media. The air and Kathene come into direct contact with each other in a counter current flow within the packing, where the Kathene absorbs the moisture from the airstream. The dehumidified air then travels through a two-stage mist eliminator section and out the top of the conditioner and through a process fan, while the diluted Kathene falls to the sump to be reused by the system. This cycle is continuous with the Kathene constantly being controlled to the correct temperature to meet the supply air conditions based on the Kathene concentration.

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