Twin-Cel energy recovery system

Twin-Cel is a two-tower total energy (enthalpy) recovery device, which uses Kathene/Kalsorb liquid desiccant solutions to re-capture both sensible and latent energy (temperature and moisture) from building exhaust. Twin-Cel typically recovers more than twice as much energy as traditional devices, which capture only a fraction of the sensible energy in the air.


Twin-Cel saves energy and cleans the air

  • Recovers up to 75% of total exhausted energy, reducing the building’s carbon footprint and the energy required for heating and cooling by up to 70%
  • Removes bacteria, viruses and mould from ventilation air and exhaust
  • Keeps supply and exhaust airstreams separate, preventing microbiological cross-contamination
  • Controls temperature and humidity while improving indoor air quality.

Alfa Laval’s Kathabar Twin-Cel system is available in a wide range of capacities, including single units from 7,500 CFM up to 84,000 CFM. It is available with either horizontal or vertical airflow discharge and features a vertical, free-standing, seal-free, fiberglass Kathene pump and tank assembly. Multiple units can be coupled together to accommodate larger airflows.

Constructed of industrial-grade fiberglass for reliability and a long equipment life, the system can be configured flexibly to accommodate multiple exhaust systems feeding a single supply, or vice versa.

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Twin Cel how it works

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