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Moving towards net zero targets together

Alfa Laval tubes and fittings have a global reputation for reliability, durability, efficiency and outstanding quality. Now we can add sustainability to the list of credentials. From packaging and shipment to choice of materials and optimum designs, we can help you fulfil your sustainability targets.

Hygienic Tubes and Fittings

One of the low-hanging fruits is to reconsider transportation modes. Airfreight is the source of massive carbon emissions and it really pays off to consider alternatives, especially for heavy items like tubes and fittings.

There is a lot to save

By changing from airfreight to sea or road freight, you can save up to 85% of your shipping costs and at the same down cut down the carbon footprint by as much as 98%. The heavier the load and the longer the distance, the bigger the savings on carbon emissions and cost.

Airfreight is approximately 50 times more carbon intensive than sea freight and the cost is about 40 times higher, too.

Let’s work together

At Alfa Laval, we deliver 10+ tons of tubes and fittings each year, and we take pride in offering a range of efficient, reliable and competitive freight options.

Sometimes, fast delivery is urgent and airfreight is the only option. For less pressing deliveries or regular orders, shipment by sea or road can be a more sustainable choice. In order to support dispatch by sea or road, Alfa Laval has built regional inventories, and our Service Centers are ready to advise you on projected delivery times, environmental benefits and cost savings.

Sustainability is at the heart of Alfa Laval’s products, processes and practices. Since 2019, we have been committed to achieving carbon-neutral status in our operations by 2030 and to reaching a science-based net zero target by 2050.

One of the initiatives on the road to net-zero is to implement more sustainable packaging, which can reduce waste, curb carbon emissions and support recycling of materials. 

A couple of examples of how we optimized our packaging of tubes and fittings: 

Lightweight pallet: 

Light weight pallet_200x150.png

  • 32 kg lighter 
  • 1500 tons CO2e saved every year
  • 1 million euro saved every year


Shredded recycled paper:

Shredded paper_200x150.jpg
  • 800 km bubble plastic saved every year
  • Easy recycling of paper 

Paper bags:

Paper bag_200x150.png
  • Reducing the use of plastic bags on fittings

Sustainable use of materials

By 2030, Alfa Laval has pledged to offer 30% of products made from recycled materials. In addition, we are forming partnerships that will guarantee safe and sustainable recycling processes for all end-of-life products.

Let us help you optimize the use of tubes of fittings to avoid excess consumption of materials, reduce installation cost and eliminate unnecessary carbon emissions.

Tubes and fittings – The vital backbone of hygienic processes

The importance of tubes and fittings in hygienic production cannot be overstated. Connecting all processing equipment, they safeguard the reliability, efficiency, safety and sustainability of the process flow.


Reboot fittings icon_Safety.png

Superior safety

Designed for unique cleanability and full traceability to safeguard the integrity of processes and products.

Reboot fittings icon_Reliability.png

Unmatched reliability

Exceptional quality, durability, and longevity to ensure high uptime and productivity.


Reboot fittings icon_Efficiency.png

Optimum efficiency

Engineered for seamless flow and easy cleaning, assuring optimized processes and increased yield.

Reboot fittings icon_Sustainability.png

Sustainability at heart

Manufactured and delivered with sustainability in mind, reducing the carbon footprint and meeting sustainability targets.

Find the products you are looking for


The digital Alfa Laval Product Catalogue makes it easy to find and select the products you need. When you request a quote, the catalogue will list Alfa Laval’s partners in your region – and you can send your request directly.


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