Process connections matter. Choose Alfa Laval tubes and fittings

Hygienic tubes and fittings are critical to connect equipment and optimize flow in process lines. Boost safety, uptime and productivity with Alfa Laval all stainless-steel tubes, fittings, connections, bends, tees and reducers. These meet the most stringent requirements for material strength, surface quality, microbial and corrosion resistance, high cleanability, uniform thickness, and crevice-free welding. Our comprehensive portfolio includes Alfa Laval hygienic and UltraPure tubes and fittings for the food, biotech, pharmaceutical and other industries where hygiene is a must.




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Visit the Application & Innovation Centre

Do you want to identify the optimal equipment for the job before you decide to invest? And discover tangible savings before deciding on upgrades? In the Alfa Laval Application & Innovation Centre, you can do just that. We mimic your production set-up and run real-life trials to demonstrate the possibilities and document the savings. We optimize for instance mixing and dispersion, tank and valve cleaning, fluid and heat transfer.

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