The Alfa Laval LKRK static spray ball is a tank cleaning machine for low-impact cleaning duties at low pressures. This spray ball releases cleaning media in a pre-defined pattern onto the tank interior, and a free-falling film flushes residues from the walls. It is a cost-effective choice for cleaning a broad range of products.


Straightforward, economical tank cleaning for low-impact duties

  • Cost-effective tank cleaning for straightforward duties, such as storage and mixing tank cleaning
  • Easy to install, operate, inspect and maintain due to no moving parts
  • Secure uptime and reliable operation
  • Versatile and futureproof with quick upgrades with dynamic tank cleaning technology

Remove simple residuals from various tanks, such as storage, mixing and cleaning-in-place (CIP) tanks with Alfa Laval LKRK static spray ball. The cleaning media forms a free-falling film that creates the necessary cleaning action to clear the tank surfaces of product residues. The LKRK has a solid track record of proven performance in various hygienic and industrial applications, such as dairy, beverage and food.

To tackle tougher residues, consider using the Alfa Laval Rotary spray heads, Rotary jet heads, or Wall mounted cleaning nozzles for targeted, high-impact tank cleaning action and more than 70% in water and cleaning media cost-savings.



How it works


The Alfa Laval LKRK is a cleaning-in-place spray ball that disperses a small, steady jet of hot cleaning media in a predefined pattern onto the tank walls. Unlike dynamic tank cleaning machines, the LKRK does not exert impact force on the tank surfaces. There are three different models and two sizes of each model. Depending on the model, cleaning media is sprayed 360° in all directions (version F) or 180° upwards (version T), or 180° downwards (version B). 

LKRK spray patterns


Flushing the surfaces creates a falling film of cleaning media that runs down tank surfaces, generating cleaning action and removing product residuals from the interior surface of tanks.


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