Move your process fluids with hygienic Alfa Laval pumps

Alfa Laval hygienic pumps and valves keep your production lines moving – safely and reliably. Select from our broad portfolio of centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps, such as circumferential piston, rotary lobe and twin screw pumps. Robust, energy-efficient and easy to maintain, these pumps efficiently transfer process fluids regardless of viscosity for all applications while meeting the highest hygiene standards. They provide trouble-free operation, maximum process uptime, measurable cost savings and low total cost of ownership across the dairy, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

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The Alfa Laval Pump Handbook – New Edition

Get your free copy right away. Our popular 375-page Pump Handbook serves as a reference book for pump specialists and as textbook at technical universities. Prepared for specialists by specialists, the book is a valuable source of theory and practice, packed with specific examples from real-world applications and a whole section on pump troubleshooting.  With new pump technologies and focus on high pump efficiency to save resources, the new edition of the Pump Handbook is available for free download.


Visit the Application & Innovation Centre

Do you want to identify the optimal equipment for the job before you decide to invest? And discover tangible savings before deciding on upgrades? In the Alfa Laval Application & Innovation Centre, you can do just that. We mimic your production set-up and run real-life trials to demonstrate the possibilities and document the savings. We optimize for instance mixing and dispersion, tank and valve cleaning, fluid and heat transfer.

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Close at hand catalogue about pumps

At your fingertips: Alfa Laval hygienic pumps transfer products – safely, gently and efficiently. Our ‘Close at hand’ catalogue details everything you need to select reliable high-efficiency, energy-saving pumps while reducing emissions and water and energy use. What you get is increased safety, more uptime, and greater productivity.

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