M Gear

The Alfa Laval M Gear pump efficiently transfers low-volume, clean fluids for hygienic and industrial filling applications. Precision alignment, easy cleaning and simple maintenance make the stainless-steel M Gear a solid choice for dosing, sampling and filling machines. Easily adapted for use with OEM filling machines, this proven positive displacement pump is widely used across the food, chemical, personal care, and many other industries.

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High-efficiency transfer of low-volume process fluids for bulk-filling applications

  • Wide performance envelope and increased pressure capabilities cover a broad range of process requirements
  • Proven performance and predictability, providing precision output
  • Increased output due to faster dosing and filling than other comparable pumps
  • More uptime and quick, cost-effective maintenance due to fast dismantling for routine service or parts replacement
  • Flexible, compact design for easy installation in tight spaces and integration with OEM filling machines

Enhance process flexibility and operational reliability while reducing the environmental impact of your bulk/batch filling operations with the Alfa Laval M Gear pump. Suitable for a broad range of applications, this sturdy, stainless steel positive displacement pump runs at speeds of up to 1360 rpm.

Service is simple due to interchangeable parts, including the mechanical seal, cover plates, backplates and o-rings. In-situ disassembly is easy when routine parts replacement or maintenance is required.

The M Gear pump comes in three models. Different pump head sizes, flow rates up to 1500 l/h, differential pressures up to 7 bar, and temperatures up to 60°C adapt to process requirements. A bracket makes freestanding operation possible for flexible, modular integration.

How it works


The positive displacement of the pump is created by contacting, contra-rotating multi-lobe gears, where one gear drive drives the secondary within a fully swept pump chamber. The pump is capable of bi-rotational flow without requiring modification.

Fluid is carried through the pump in the cavities formed between the contacting gear and the interior surface of the pump housing. As the blades disengage, a cavity forms and expands, filling with fluid. As the blades engage, the cavity diminishes, displacing fluid into the outlet port

The gears are mounted between specially developed PTFE bush bearings, all fitted within the main pump body to ensure precision alignment and high-performance efficiency.


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M Gear pump in hand