Gasketed plate heat exchangers

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Plate technology

An explanation of plate heat exchangers and their unique plate design and technology.

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Heat transfer

The theory behind heat transfer, heat exchanger calculations and construction.

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AHRI certified GPHEs

GPHEs certified according to the AHRI Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchangers Certification Program.

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Diabon PHEs

Used for highly corrosive media, combining high-efficiency heat transfer with the corrosion resistance of graphite material. 

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Evaporators and condensers

Space-saving AlfaCond and AlfaVap condensation and evaporation solutions.

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WideGap plate heat exchangers

Designed for fibrous fluids and for fluids containing coarse particles.

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Heat exchangers, evaporation systems, high-speed separators and decanter centrifuges for biotechnology.

Engine and transport

Ensure your engines and vehicles perform efficiently with the lowest life-cycle costs and minimum impact on the environment.

Engine power

Systems, equipment and services for oil treatment, heating and cooling, waste heat recovery, and desalination.


How plate heat exchangers can increase performance in the fertilizer industry.

Fluid power

Energy-saving, compact heat exchangers for cooling and heating fluid power components.

Fuel ethanol

Heat transfer and separation solutions for fuel ethanol production.


Heating and cooling solutions for the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning industry.


A wide range of solutions covering critical operations on board.

Nuclear power

Efficient and reliable heating, cooling, cleaning, and separating of liquids and gases.

Oil and gas

A broad spectrum of onshore and offshore solutions that can influence the vast majority of oil and gas processes.


Five ways to stay ahead of the competition in the petrochemical industry.

Pulp and paper

Energy recovery and water management solutions for the pulp and paper industry.


Increase operating efficiency and cut costs with optimized heat transfer and separation technology.

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360° Service portfolio

Alfa Laval's global service network and complete range of services.

Performance audit

Check the current state of your heat exchangers and maximize performance.