Pulp and paper
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Pulp and paper

Alfa Laval offers pulp mills a wide range of solutions for extraction of by-products and recovery of process chemicals. Our separation equipment brings you benefits such as high yield, high product quality, low operating costs and compact installations.

Money grows on trees

Efficient separation is at the heart of both by-product extraction and chemical recovery. At Alfa Laval we have been at the forefront of separation equipment development for more than 130 years. We have the knowledge and experience needed to maximize the outcome of your investments.

Our solutions are based on four different separation technologies: disk stack centrifuges, decanter centrifuges, membranes and evaporators/condensers. This gives us great flexibility in designing separation solutions that match your operating conditions. We help you find the perfect solution for your plant.

Forest biorefineries

We offer equipment for all applications found in a modern forest biorefinery:

  • Power generation
  • Chemicals production
  • Biofuels production
  • District heating
  • Pulp and cellulose production

We help you maximize performance, uptime and ROI.

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