Alfa Laval decanter centrifuge reduces chemical losses in green liquor dregs

Södra Cell is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of market pulp. The company’s paper pulp production takes place at three mills in Sweden and two in Norway, with a total annual production volume that exceeds 2 million tons.

DATE 2023-11-28

The mill of Södra Cell in Tofte, located at the edge of Oslo Fjord, produces around 400,000 tons per year of ECF sulphate pulp from a mix of softwood and hardwood (eucalyptus). 

As part of the chemical recovery system, the plant was operating a vacuum filter for dewatering the green liquor dregs after the clarifier. The existing vacuum filter was limited in capacity and delivered a very low cake dryness of no more than 40 %.



Alfa Laval decanter SG2

Alfa Laval's complete series of fuel ethanol decanters designed and built for ethanol producers. SG2 is the producers choice for ethanol production.  

 Alfa Laval decanter SG2


  • Lower installation costs
  • Higher chemical recovery
  • Better ability to handle the sludge
  • Lower sludge disposal costs.

Customer's voice

After 15 months and 6,500 hours of operation, we have not yet had to open the machine. We’ll probably follow the Alfa Laval recommendations and plan a standard service of the machine after the first 8,000 hours.

Pål Salberg
Project Engineer