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Alberta and SiccaDania’s new plant to grow Canada’s plant protein-processing sector

Proposed pulse-processing plant in Alberta get additional investment and Alberta signaling investment in Canadian protein processing facility capacity.

This article is related to Canada’s food manufacturing and agricultural industries. Alfa Laval's complete process lines, separation, heat transfer and fluid handling products are used in canola processing plants, refineries and plant protein processing plants.

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“…Alberta produces a lot of field peas and demand for the protein, starch, and fibre in them is skyrocketing, but there’s no place to process them in the province. But that could change if a company called More Than Protein Ingredients can get the investors it needs for a fractionating plant in Bowden…

…Assuming the needed funding is raised, the plant should be operational by 2023, and able to extract protein, starch, and fiber from 35,000 tones of yellow peas annually…

…This will be SiccaDania’s first project in Canada, and the company has opened an office in Calgary in anticipation that the plant protein-processing sector on the Prairies will continue to grow.

“When you look across the Prairies, there’s a huge demand for it,” said McGeough. “That’s being driven by the shortage of protein out there, and it’s increasing really rapidly….

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Vegetable protein plant solutions from Alfa Laval

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Broad portfolio for processing edible proteins

With a focus on the wet fractionation process, Alfa Laval has a broad portfolio of systems for processing plant-based proteins. Whether you need reliable standalone equipment to integrate into your existing lines or complete customized production lines, Alfa Laval delivers equipment and systems for oilseed and starch protein extraction, isolation and concentration, including:

  • Slurry preparation
  • Protein extraction, separation and purification
  • Pasteurization systems
  • Fibre and starch separation and purification
  • By-product recovery
  • Wastewater treatment and water recovery

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