Heating and cooling of Europe's tallest building

With heating and cooling equipment from Alfa Laval the Federation Complex Towers, a multi-functional center including offices, luxury residences, entertainment and sports in Moscow reduced their operational costs due to state-of-the-art technical solution for high-rise buildings.

DATE 2023-11-28

The two towers are positioned close to each other and are connected by a built-in shaft (called "needle" by the architects) comprising the elevator system and stairways. The project includes one of the first examples of district cooling in Russia, since the cooling machinery is located in the West Tower. From there, both towers will be supplied.

Part of the challenge was that some of the heat exchangers were to heavy to haul into place in the high buildings, and consequently had to be mounted on site. Alfa Laval planned and recruited people with the specific competences needed.

We pay great attention to the financial efficiency of our decisions, says Arthur Alexandrov, Vice president of Mirax Group and head of the construction works. The Alfa Laval overall solution and the compactness of installed equipment have enabled us not only to successfully solve problems of heating and cooling in high-rise buildings, but also to reduce our capital engagement considerably, says Alexandrov.


  • Tower West: 33 plate heat exchangers were installed. 6xM30, 3xMX25, 18xM15 and 6xM6.
  • Tower East: 27 plate heat exchangers were installed. 9xT20 and 18xM15.
  • Technical data:
    Cooling: AISI 304, pressure: 10/16 bar, refrigerant: 40% glycol or water, capacity up to 5600 kW.
    Heating: AISI 304, pressure: 16/25 bar, temperature up to 150°C, capacity up to 7500 kW.

 Gasketed plate heat exchangers 


  • On-site mounting of plate heat exchangers
  • Long-term warrants
  • Very strict requirements concerning performance and reliability, service and economy

The customer

  • Tower West:ARMO Group - Russian company, subcontractor for mechanical systems. 
  • Tower East: Busi Impianti S.p.A., Italian contraction company 

The end customer

Mirax Group - one of the leading development companies in Russia.


Reduced operational costs and very good technical solution for heating and cooling in high-rise buildings.