Changing the face of Dubai

Emaar’s striking advertising and signs on construction sites and buildings all over Dubai indicate that the company is one of the leading property developers in the emirate.

DATE 2023-11-28 AUTHOR Birgitta Lundblad

Emaar has become one of the largest real estate companies in the world. “Through partnerships and collaborations we are rapidly expanding abroad and targeting opportunities in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria as well as India and North Africa,” says Hadi Ismail, Director, Technical Services at Emaar.

Emaar has several multi-billion dollar development projects in various stages of completion. They refer to themselves as master planners who provide everything people need within easy reach. This means that their staff includes architects, urban designers, traffic planners and recreation specialists.

Emaar’s flagship is Burj Dubai Development, acknowledged as the largest and most luxurious urban development in the Middle East. The centrepiece of this district will be the incredible Burj Dubai Tower, the world’s tallest building, planned to be completed in 2008. Burj Dubai is an engineering, human resources and logistical wonder with a value of USD 4 billion. The exact height of the tower is not revealed at this time but is expected to be 700 metres - at least! Among others, the building will house exclusive offices and residential suits and a hotel completely designed and decorated by Giorgio Armani. “We have tried to convince Alfa Laval to move their office here”, smiles Hadi Ismail.

Valued security

Alfa Laval, an established supplier to Emaar’s projects, will also deliver equipment for the Burj Dubai Development and the close-by, huge Dubai Mall. The cooling system for the Dubai Mall will be based on technically-advanced solutions including a thermal ice storage system that produces ice during the night for the supply of cooling water for the air-conditioning system. The ice storage solution was chosen since it saves a lot of space and provides back-up security in the event of a chiller failure.

“Thermal ice storage was new for everyone here, so Alfa Laval’s large experience in this field was one reason for choosing them,” says Hadi Ismail. “We put so much at stake in this project; we simply cannot risk failing in any respect. Alfa Laval worked closely with Emaar’s project team to make sure things work. We are very proud of what we have accomplished together.”

Hadi Ismail points out very clearly that local presence is one of the most important criteria for Emaar when choosing partners and suppliers. “Alfa Laval’s resources here in Dubai combined with the company’s central support from Sweden and its commitment to this region makes us feel very comfortable. We need suppliers that not only deliver first-class products but also share their experiences, support and advise us on a continued basis. Alfa Laval is such a supplier,” Hadi Ismail concludes.