State-of-the-art cooling for modern cold storage

The diffusor on the Alfa Laval Helpman THOR units - the industrial cooler type we selected for this project - can deliver regulated air flow up to 65 meters away from the cooling unit. This is a key feature when seeking to minimise temperature variations in Asia's largest cold-storage facility.

DATE 2023-11-28

The logistics centre, which is the size of 28 soccer stadiums, serves as a hub for the 30 smaller logistics centres run by Hyundai Logistics in and around the korean capital, Seoul. This massive warehouse, logistics and storage centre, which is located in Gyeonggi Province, includes a dedicated facility for storing a variety of frozen foods, in which the temperature crucially needs to be maintained at -25° C.

"Alfa Laval is a partner that can be relied on to take responsibility for the important aspects of refrigeration and frozen storage," says Hyundai Logistics' Utility Manager, OongJoon Lee. "Alfa Laval provided a quick response, along with accurate case analysis. In addition, we can know that we will receive active support from Alfa Laval to provide accurate information about the latest global trends in the market."

"Having seen the Alfa Laval coolers at work in three large cold-storage facilities, the customers were satisfied that Alfa Laval could offer the best solution, in terms of both performance and quality," says ByungKook Jeon, refrigeration sales manager at Alfa Laval Korea. "I also believe our quick technical support, as well as the documentation we provided to show the difference in maintenance costs and payback time when comparing a textile duct product with our solution, played a major part in sealing the deal.

I recently received a temperature measurement report from the cold storage unit at the Osan Center," he continues. "According to the report, room temperature variations are better than expected and the customers have confirmed that they are satisfied."


Alfa Laval Helpman THOR is an industrial heavy-duty air cooler with a copper/aluminium coil block and a capacity of 5 to 123 kW. Available in blow-through (B) and draw-through (Z) design, all THOR models have been highly standardised in construction and dimensions, while maintaining flexibility in fin spacings, coil construction and circuiting design.

 Alfa Laval Helpman THOR air coolers 

The customer

  • Hyundai Logistics is the logistics arm of the South Korean Hyundai Group. 
  • Established in 1988, the company is headquartered in Seoul, Korea.
  • It offers ground and air transportation, along with South Korean rail and road freight services, international trade management, customs brokerage, consulting and supply chain design, logistics and distribution, cargo containing, shipping, and a variety of financial services.


To supply a refrigeration system for Asia's largest logistics centre that enables the storage of frozen foods at a steady -25° C, plus the refrigeration of large amounts of fruit and vegetables at a specified temperature.


  • The installation consists of 184 Alfa Laval THOR blow-through unit coolers.
  • Delivers regulated air flow up to 65 meters
  • Reduced costs for customer
  • Visit to European installation showed that Alfa Laval's technical solution was best from performance and quality perspectives.
  • Local presence ensures fast and professional response.