Defender 500 protects key engine components

Schnell Motoren AG are world market leaders for Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units for the generation of energy from lean gases, including biogas, landfill gas, sewage gas and wood gas. Schnell is equipping an increasing number of its engines with Alfa Laval Defender 500 oil mist separators for cleaning ventilated crankcase gases.

DATE 2023-11-28

Global emission regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. Tier 4, Stage IV, for example, is due to come into force from 2015 onwards. Thus, some method of cleaning crankcase gas is essential on today’s industrial diesel and gas engines.

Schnell builds its CHP units around modified Sisu, Scania and, recently, Mitsubishi engines. The company first came into contact with Alfa Laval crankcase gas cleaning technology some years ago as there was an Alfdex separator available for the Scania engine. Schnell appreciated the benefits of the closed crankcase ventilation system and the integrated crankcase pressure control valve.

“The Defender 500 is a highly efficient separation solution that allows us to have a closed crankcase ventilation system and, at the same time, protect key engine components, such as the turbocharger, intercooler and valves. With this solution, the turbocharger does not require frequent maintenance and its lifetime as well as that of the engine are prolonged,” says Peter Völk, Purchasing manager, Schnell Motoren.



A complete crankcase ventilation system.

  • The Alfa Laval Defender 500 oil mist separator minimizes crankcase gas emissions from industrial diesel and gas engines.
  • It serves as a complete engine crankcase ventilation system, including cleaning of gases and built-in crankcase pressure control.
  • By protecting the turbocharger and intercooler, the Defender 500 helps maintain high engine performance and prolong engine life for closed ventilation systems.