Plate evaporation system for industrial fermentation = quality and savings

Founded in 1993, Zhejiang Shenghua Biok Biology Co., Ltd is one of China’s leading manufacturers and exporters of bio-agrochemicals and medicines for animal nutrition and health. In 2010, they started working on a state-of-the-art plant to produce amino acids used for animal feed. For the new plant, the company wanted a modern alternative to the energy-hungry shell-and-tube (S&T) evaporators used in their older plants. Alfa Laval’s AlfaVap plate evaporators and AlfaCond condensers proved a perfect solution.

DATE 2023-11-28

A 2-effect evaporation system consisting of two AlfaVap 500s, a thermal vapour re-compressor (TVR) and an AlfaCond 400 were installed at the Biok plant. Commissioned in 2011, the AlfaVap evaporators use a minimal amount of steam: 300 kg per 1000 kg of water as compared to 500-600 kg for the previous installation with S&T evaporators.

In addition, the low steam consumption means that the vacuum pump needed for this system is much smaller than the vacuum pump used in the old S&T system. Which in turn means that much less electricity is consumed.


AlfaVap evaporator works magic on any company's evaporation and condensation costs. AlfaVap units take up much less expensive space, thus greatly reducing the investment cost.

AlfaVap plate evaporators



AlfaCond condenser is specifically designed for condensing vapours into liquids at low pressure

 AlfaCond plate condensers 


  • Higher product quality thanks to low boiling temperatures and short residence time
  • Close to half the steam consumption
  • Easier cleaning
  • Large savings on CIP cleaning liquid

Customer's voice

This is the first time we have used plate-type evaporators to concentrate fermentation products. Alfa Laval is ‘famous’ in the field, so naturally we chose them. We are very pleased with the performance of the new evaporation system.

Mr. Liu, 

Vice general manager at the Biok plant